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One of the most fantastic features of Miami Beach is the ‘beachwalk’ that runs along the eastern shore of the city for more than 9 miles. It’s one of the most distinctive and attractive spaces in the US for running, biking, walking, roller skating…

This path also connects dozens of activities on and around the beach – surfing, swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, daily yoga, meditation, boot camps, full moon drumming, Muscle Beach. The ACTIVE lifestyle in paradise is a thrill and bliss.


Beachwalk Courtesy!

Simple precautions to enjoy your activities in a safe & respectful manner:
You are almost never alone; thousands of people are using the Beachwalk daily.
In many areas, the path is narrow, spanning only 10 feet wide.
Let’s prevent s***t from going down!

BLISS by the Path!

In addition to biking, running, skating, walking, there are a number of wellness activities along the Beachwalk. Check out the detailed map below.



Beach Yoga




Sunrise Sound Healing

Beach Tennis

Muscle Beach


Kite Surfing

Full Moon Drum Circle

Use  BW-MB map below with different viewing options

Layer: 'Beachwak Path'

Runs from South Pointe to North Shore Open Space Park, Miami Beach.

Layer: 'Activities by the Path'

Showing activities and locations. Click the map marker for additional info & images.

Layer: 'Infrastructure'

Shows parking, public access to the beach, bike repair stations, charging stations, restrooms, etc.

How to use the Google map below

Click on the top left side rectangle on the map. It will open the information area with ‘layers.’ You can hide information about each layer by ‘unchecking’ the box. When you click on the marker, it will show additional location info.

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