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Beachwalk Courtesy

In many areas, the path is narrow, spanning only 10 feet, which might be challenging when multiple users share the path. Unfortunately, tricky, possibly dangerous situations are happening and sometimes resulting in serious injuries (yes, it happened ☹).

Avoid them using these simple COURTESY steps.


LOOK around & pay ATTENTION when changing direction.

Keep RIGHT as much as possible, leaving the middle for
faster traffic.

Bikers & skaters SLOW down or STOP if you see in front of you a crowd or slower traffic.

Avoid passing others without having ample space.

Say Thank You or give a ‘thumbs up’ if other people accommodate you.

Communicate using verbal, hand signals, or bike bells.

Example of how Courtesy “Keep Right’ & leaving the middle of the path for faster moving users can help with safe sharing of the path. Below: Busy Beachwalk, weekend morning in season.

NOT so Cool

Changing your direction while walking or riding without looking around first.

Riding too FAST with people around you.

Entering or crossing BW without looking for incoming traffic.

Not SLOWING DOWN or STOPPING your bike, skateboard, etc. if there is a crowd or slower traffic in front of you.


Every effort was made to collect objective data (go-pro camera, speedometer, testimonials, etc.).  Yes – the majority of BW users are respectful, courteous, and paying attention. However, be attentive when using the Beachwalk, because it can be a ‘high transit’ path (for bikers, runners, walkers, skaters, etc.). Most challenging situations come from a lack of awareness. Some examples:

  • Making sudden turns on the path without looking if there is traffic around. It may be impossible to react fast enough to avoid a collision if a person on the path suddenly turns and appears in front of you.
  • People cross the path from the hotel or condo towards the beach (and vice versa) without looking left or right first.
  • Dog walkers, with their pets on a long leash. It usually happens early in the morning.
  • Dog walkers – socializing in the middle of the path.
  • Unattended small children on the path, with their parents far behind or in front.
  • People on racing bikes, especially on weekends, tend to ride in groups. Some bikers may not slow down instead they may try to zig-zag around you. Be attentive.
  • Last but not least: people walking or running while focused on their virtual world (AKA staring at cell phones). Expect the unexpected…!


The ideas presented on this page are only suggestions based on personal experiences and observations by an avid Beachwalk user (on average 2hrs daily). The Platform contributor(s) are NOT responsible for an individual Beachwalk user’s behaviors and outcomes that may occur while using Beachwalk in Miami Beach.

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