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RoilS [Random Oils] by Djordje

Unveiling the #BeachwalkMB Hidden Tapestry: Djordje’s Odyssey of Colors

Djordje, a Miami Beach-based Visual Artist and Creative Director, possesses a distinctive approach to crafting digital paintings. His innovative process involves capturing feed from various bike-mounted cameras, including Insta X3, Akasi, GoPro, and, occasionally, his cell phone. Although these cameras primarily serve a security purpose, for Djordje, those random frames are the base of his digital art, aptly titled “ROILS” (Random Oils).

Djordje’s ROILS unveils a side of Miami Beach that transcends the ordinary. With an artistic alchemy that blends technology, passion, and a keen eye for beauty, he encapsulates the city’s essence, allowing it to reverberate within the hearts of all who behold his work. His brushstrokes unlock the secrets of Miami Beach, inviting us to partake in its magic, lose ourselves in its kaleidoscope of emotions, and embrace the symphony of colors that dance upon his digital canvas.

The Beachwalk in Miami Beach, an 8-mile path that Djordje faces daily from his home, holds a special place in his heart. Thousands of people walk, run, bring their pets and families, and ride various types of wheels—two, three, and four, except cars—along this path. Once on the #BeachwalkMB, people easily synchronize with the sun, ocean, beach, blue sky, and clouds, experiencing pure bliss and wellness.

Djordje emphasizes that there are multiple layers to the Beachwalk experience. While the surface showcases its natural beauty, a more careful look reveals numerous unexpected endeavors and situations. This complexity fuels Djordje’s artistic inspiration and keeps him engaged with his surroundings.

Djordje’s ROILS and deep connection to the Beachwalk capture the essence of Miami Beach, offering viewers a new perspective on the city’s beauty. By combining technology, art, and his interpretation of the surroundings, Djordje’s digital paintings reflect his passion for Miami Beach and his desire to convey its splendor to the world.

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Branding & Creative director Djordje Milekic lives and works in Miami Beach. Residing by the Beachwalk, he is passionate about the environment, his sunrise exercises, and his bike commutes to work.

Originally from former Yugoslavia, Djordje has been living in Miami Beach since 2005. The projects he directed were exhibited and presented at The One Club, Art Directors Club NYC, AIGA National Design Center, NEXT Conference, AIGA Leadership Retreat, Belgrade Design Week, The Wolfsonian FIU, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, and more.

His works were featured in New York Times, Step, How, Print, ID, Graphis, Creativity, Communication Arts, The Art of Design, Graphic Agitation II, Colossal Design, and many other magazines and publications.

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